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Eco 113m2 Eco 113m2
"Eco-113" stands for the design of a single-storey house with a double-pitch roof, and rational approach. The design includes four ... Read more >>
Funk 130m2 Funk 130m2
The two-storey house is designed in the best traditions of functional architectural design. The design includes a large drawing room ... Read more >>
City 136m2 City 136m2
The "CITY 136" design is suitable for small families: the house includes four bedrooms and an ensemble of arched windows. ... Read more >>
Double 130m2 Double 130m2
  The "DOUBLE 130" design of a house with two apartments is intended for two families. The apartment blocks are connected ... Read more >>

Notes for Investors

   The broad-based implementation of framework technology in the construction of low-rise buildings and structures, with the use of lightweight steel thin-wall panels, would allow private investors to implement their plans within the framework of the national project for affordable housing. However, the use of thermopanels is a viable alternative to conventional panellized construction, as the former does not require significant investments. The durability and strength of the structures, efficiency of investments, the construction speed, excellent technical and operational features, and wide variety of architectural options make the use of thermopanels very beneficial for commercial projects. Such construction projects have been widely implemented in Canada and Western Europe.. . They are speedily constructed; they are low-cost; they are supplied in complete kits; the interiors and spaces allow for flexible planning; in addition to their fire-resistance and environmentally friendly properties, they provide opportunities for further expansion or re-planning.

   We welcome co-operation from all investors seeking a quick payback on their investments. The houses that we offer are – to some extent -- innovative in terms of technology for low-rise buildings in Russia, and moreover, provide an ideal price-and-quality ratio.

   What Does Make This Technology Unlike Any Other and Contributes to its Good Appearance

   The implementation of the state programmes and private investment projects has been slow due to costly construction materials and the high cost of construction. In this regard, the following advantages pertain to the use of thermopanels in the construction of low-rise buildings:

  • reduction of the construction term
  • attractive prices of products
  • small additional expenses
  • easy adaptation of any design
  • wide scope of applications in construction
  • large productive capacity.

   The successful implementation of any investment project depends on many factors. The major one is the materials and technical basis of the construction industries. In order to change the current situation for the better, it is quite evident that new construction technologies need to be introduced.

   When speaking on low-cost housing, we should first mention that such investment projects need to ensure better quality and cheaper products. Further, we should take into account that speedy construction is a key ingredient of success.

   The up-to-date technology that provides the alternative of easy-to-install houses is based on the innovations. Buildings constructed based on this technology are durable and strong, with high thermo-technical indices. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly and simple. The precision of the sizes and speedy installation, as well as economical efficiency and the availability of many options in the use of structures are further positive features. Refer to the section on technology and production for detailed information.

Reasons for Investing in our Projects

We successfully combine the experience gained in Europe with a rational and well-thought-out approach towards the use of this technology. Favourable competitive features and a timely entrance to the market ensure a return on invested amounts.

Preferable Area of Focus

  As thermo-profiles can be used for different types of houses, i.e. houses for families, two-apartment buildings, townhouses, houses with several apartments, therefore, the target clients may be from several segments of the market.

   Innovation technologies in construction let you be ahead of your competitors according to several and most important indices, namely: considerable reduction of material, labour and time costs indices in low-cost housing, with high quality and operational indices of products.

   The products in question are available in any European country with a stable economy, such as Spain, Italy, Sweden or Norway. Therefore, our interests are rather broad, and we will proceed, step by step.



Producting technology becomes more perfect

Piter Grupp Invest OOD first among frame house manufactorors, replaced used before 9 mm plasterboard with KNAUF BG new product ... Read more >>


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