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Eco 113m2 Eco 113m2
"Eco-113" stands for the design of a single-storey house with a double-pitch roof, and rational approach. The design includes four ... Read more >>
Funk 130m2 Funk 130m2
The two-storey house is designed in the best traditions of functional architectural design. The design includes a large drawing room ... Read more >>
City 136m2 City 136m2
The "CITY 136" design is suitable for small families: the house includes four bedrooms and an ensemble of arched windows. ... Read more >>
Double 130m2 Double 130m2
  The "DOUBLE 130" design of a house with two apartments is intended for two families. The apartment blocks are connected ... Read more >>

About Our Company

   The main goal of our Company, Dom Po Karmanu,,, under the programme of Affordable Housing, has been the improvement of each customer’s standard of housing. Together with us, you can select your house, or participate in designing a house according to your wishes and standard of living.  We are motivated by today’s fast lifestyles, and therefore, we offer quick, economic and high quality solutions for construction. A good house that is just right for you is not easy to find. If you leave things to chance, you risk neglecting decisions regarding the proper features and reliability necessary for your house, which may result in losses of time and money.  Therefore, if you desire the exact solution, our company will help you find such a solution.

  We fabricate quality, budget-conscious houses to meet your expectations. Once you have selected our company, the most important issues connected with construction of your house will be settled:

  • You will select the most suitable design from among our standard designs. To facilitate this task, we can offer detailed designs, which have the advantage of being faster to fabricate and being user-proven solutions.
  • The external appearance and design decisions of the houses can be adjusted because most of the interior walls are self-supporting structures. As to the layout and sizes of rooms, you can make your own final decisions.
  • In the event you have particular desires, or if you need solutions to suit your lifestyle, we can design your house according to such particular needs, and produce a design with required functional features.
  •  Have no doubts about the quality of the house or the delivery term.
  •  We are bound by our commitment to find the most suitable solution for you.


Producting technology becomes more perfect

Piter Grupp Invest OOD first among frame house manufactorors, replaced used before 9 mm plasterboard with KNAUF BG new product ... Read more >>


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