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Eco 113m2 Eco 113m2
"Eco-113" stands for the design of a single-storey house with a double-pitch roof, and rational approach. The design includes four ... Read more >>
Funk 130m2 Funk 130m2
The two-storey house is designed in the best traditions of functional architectural design. The design includes a large drawing room ... Read more >>
City 136m2 City 136m2
The "CITY 136" design is suitable for small families: the house includes four bedrooms and an ensemble of arched windows. ... Read more >>
Double 130m2 Double 130m2
  The "DOUBLE 130" design of a house with two apartments is intended for two families. The apartment blocks are connected ... Read more >>


   The experience gained in the production and use of thermo-profiles has resulted in quite a novel item: the thermopanel

Thermopanels are made of the following materials:

  1. Reinforced gypsum board, 13-mm thick
  2. Steam-and-moisture insulation film, 0.2-mm thick
  3. Mineral insulation, 200-mm thick
  4. Thermo-profile framework, 200-mm thick
  5. Wind-shield gypsum board, 9-mm thick

   On-site mounting work is performed quickly, as most operations are completed during manufacturing. Panels with precise sizes are properly placed, and fastened either to foundations, or floors, and connecting joints are properly sealed. As to façade material, any material used for exterior cladding is suitable, depending on the design. Roof structures are made with wooden trusses, and roofing material is optional, depending on the customer’s wishes. Foundations are made according to the standard regulations. Interior panels may be coated to correspond to the purpose of rooms. Thermopanels may be used for the construction of different types of buildings: houses for one family, two-apartment buildings, townhouses, and houses with several apartments.


Producting technology becomes more perfect

Piter Grupp Invest OOD first among frame house manufactorors, replaced used before 9 mm plasterboard with KNAUF BG new product ... Read more >>


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